Prehistoric quarry

Rocky outcrop of gneiss that was formerly used as a quarry. It is not possible to determine when it was in use but, given the type of rock and the slabs that are seen loosened, it is said that it would be in prehistoric times and therefore would have been used to build many of the dolmens and menhirs that can be found in this area.

The construction of the dolmens was a difficult task that probably required the effort of the whole community. One hypothesis put this work in the winter period, a season with few farming tasks that would allow all members of the settlement to dedicate themselves to the construction of the monument. The orientation of the megaliths toward the southwest would relate to the position of the winter sun and complements this theory.

The dolmens were built with materials nearby which strongly influenced the construction. In this case, the fact that the gneiss here is already fragmented and split would have made the task of extraction easier. Once cut and reworked, the slabs would be transported to the place chosen for the new tomb of the community that lived in this place.