Pas del Llop

The point where the ancient rough paths crossed that ran between Roses and Cadaqués and connected with the Cap Norfeu peninsula. The current tracks have changed the lines of paths but the Pas del Llop and the ruts from the carts imprinted on the rock of this outcrop remind us of the old steep paths that traversed the mountains until not so long ago.

The old path from Cadaqués to Roses came up through the Alseda Valley and ascended between Puig Pení, and Puig Alt to the place where this intersection is found. Following the road on the south side of Pení it arrives in Cadaqués; also the Pas del Llop marked the direction of the path toward Cap Norfeu. Some sections are still preserved, in addition to the current track, on top of the hill.

The reference to wolves in the name of the pass and in other places, such as the Salt del Llop or the Llobatera farm, speak of an area where there would have been a stable population of wolves. However, the last time their existence was recorded in the area was during the cold snap in 1849 when they attacked the livestock pen at the Llobatera farm.