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The Alt Empordà area, located on the north-east of Catalonia, is one of the oldest and most important historical districts in Catalonia. It roughly corresponds to the ancient county of Empúries that adopted the name from the Greek colony of Emporion (Emporiae Romana) which means market, and it has been historically recognized as a trade area.

Alt Empordà is an alluvial plain formed by La Muga and Fluvià rivers which flow into the Gulf of Roses. It is bordered on the north by Serra de l’Albera and on the south by Massís del Montgrí. The climate is Mediterranean and the annual  average temperature in Figueres is 14.9ºC. Leveche wind, a typical warm southwest wind that blows in summer and the Tramuntana, a north wind are characteristic of the area.