Puig Alt Building

At the top of Puig Alt there are the remains of a small rectangular building, which, given the excellent views from the site and the architectural similarities to a building close to Puig Marès, it is thought that it would have formed part of a network of towers, as a defence against the constant danger that piracy represented on the coast in the medieval and early modern period.

The building is built with slate stones of unequal sizes, taken from the vicinity and bound with mud. It is a modest building, with thick walls, both sides of which are well-defined and the middle is filled with rubble. Despite only the foundation having been preserved, one can see that it is accessed by a door in the south side, offering a respite from the northerly tramuntana wind.

On the west side of the building there is a row of stones from the wall made using the ‘spicatum’ technique, that is to say, by interlocking the stones in a herringbone pattern. This construction technique was quite common in medieval times. However, in the absence of an archaeological excavation to confirm it, it is not known when it was constructed and if these ruins were used as a watchtower.