Who are we?
Founded in 1984 by our father and his family, at first we are dedicated to typical snack service which was more in vogue at that time, but seen the great success, we were improving every year our cooking.
After many years of efforts and sacrifices, nowadays it’s run by siblings. I'm in dining room and my sister is dedicated to the art of the kitchen. Our will is that everyone who cross our door enjoy the culinary delights, as a professional and friendly service, whether you just take a snack in the morning, a lunch menu or tapas.
Our cuisine is simple and homemade, which seeks not only to reach the stomach but also the hearts of people.

Our services:
Breakfast. It opens at 9 am for coffee and breakfast service, being highly recommended our hot sandwiches. Also for your appetite recommend our Iberian ham, tripes and “tortilla”.
Lunches. It begins at 12.45 am. until 3.45pm. During the week we have an economic daily menu, in addition to our tapas and a la carte specialties, without forgetting our special menus.
Dinner started at 7.30 pm. till 11.00 pm. Highlights for the casual dining pecking.

Our specialties:
-TAPAS: homemade anchovies, octopus, fried eggs with ham, tripe, squid at Andalusian style, fried fish, snails, artichokes, grilled seafood of Roses, etc.
-SPECIALTIES: cod with Roquefort, monkfish with seafood, beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, duck with Oporto, ...
LA BODEGA.: We have a wine list at best value for anyone who can not resist the pleasure of accompanying your meal with a good red wine from Empordà or white wine from Rueda.
-MENUS: In addition to the menu during the week, we have 2 special menus, one with a pecking first course and a second classic course and all the snacking menu, in both the homemade desserts included.

Opening time: 01/02-31/12 

Our day off is Wednesday and Tuesday afternoon, except July and August that’s opened on Tuesday. The restaurant is closed for Christmas time and throughout the month of January.

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