Annual Agenda 2020


5/01 Parade of the three wise Kings


20/02 to 24/02 Carnival: Friday night parade, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning


07/03 to /03 Poetic March, poetry and literature

20/03 to 29/03 Ruta de les Tapes, tour with a local tapas


05/04 to 14/04 Easter week

10/04 Good Friday, procession of silence

23/04 Sant Jordi, Saint George

16/04 to 19/04 Cicle de dins, open days of culture and spirituality sessions


Maig Megalític – Megalithic May

01/05 Roses en Familia. Activities with the family inside the Ciutadella

02/05 VII Mostra del vi - Roses' wine fair

Dron’s Festival Roses

30/0and 31/05 Fira de la Rosa – Fair of the rose.Markets, workshops, flowers exhibition, gastronomy


20/06 Transpyr-bike ride from Saint-Jean-de- Luzto Roses

13/06 and 14/06 Festa del mar- Fair of the seawater activities and

11/06 Corpus Christi, flower carpet

23/06 Sant Joan, Saint John- fireworks and dance

From June 13 until the end of the summer, Sardana dance every Saturday night in front of City Hall


Sons del Món, musical of reference to the Costa Brava with DO Emporda wine tasting

03/07 Sant Pere, Saint Peter - dance


07/08 to 16/08 Town big festival, concerts, traditional activities, fireworks


Mercat de l’Empordà - Empordà Market, products and crafts of the region

Roses patrimoni actiu - Roses cultural heritage


Campanya Suquet de Peix. Gastronomic campaign

10/10 to 12/10 Beer fair

Roses Patrimoni actiu – Roses cultural heritage


07/11 and 08/11 Festival Posta de Sol. Gastronomy, music, photography, nature and landscape the sun as the protagonist


Christmas market

31/12 New Year’s Eve