Roses sunset

Roses Sunset

Indeed: from Roses you can see the best sunsets in this country (...) Is there anything that looks more like a bouquet of roses than a sunset in Roses? Is there anything that gives you a more similar feeling, that reminds you of the same elegant, comfortable, luxurious and blurred presence than a large bouquet of roses? (...) The sea and the land spread out in front of you seem to rise up and make an arch that requires you to keep your eyes high above.

the third characteristic of Roses, which undoubtedly constitutes its greatest charm: to be facing west. This allows the contemplation of the most prestigious sunsets in the country, the greatest and most unforgettable one.

These words by Josep Pla Casadevall, one of the main writers in the Catalan language of the 20th century, are an example of what the sunsets in Roses mean for its neighbours and visitors.

The lighthouse, the Trinitat castle, the leisure and fishing ports, the Puig Rom viewpoint, the Visigoth castrum, the breakwaters or the seaside promenade are some of the places from which to enjoy this amazing show with no filters.

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