• Thursday, february 20th

    10.00pm: From Catalunya Square to Frederic Rahola Square, welcome parade to His Majesty King “Carnestoltes” (Carnival), by the percussion group Ociart.

    10.30pm: In the marquee of Frederic Rahola Square, arrival of His Majesty King “Carnestoltes” (Carnival). Then, dance session by Mitjanit Orchestra and Dijous Kuit wIth Joventut Rosinka.

  • Friday, february 21st

    09.00pm: Along the seaside (Avinguda de Rhode), Friday Carnival Parade.

    11.30 pm : Next, in the marquee of Frederic Rahola Square, dance session by Band The Cool and Virus.

    Next, in the Sports Pavilion, dancing night with disco mobile Tro-D-So.

  • Saturday, february 22nd

    4.00pm: Along the seaside (Avinguda de Rhode), Children’s Carnival Parade.

    Then, in the marquee of Frederic Rahola Square, children’s dance session (disco mobile).

    11.00pm: In the Sports Pavilion, disco mobile by Stanby Sound.

    At midnight, in the marquee of Frederic Rahola Square, Carnival party by Los 80 Principales music band and DJ Sergi.

  • Sunday, february 23rd

    At 12pm, long the seaside (Avinguda de Rhode), Carnival Parade.

    At 6pm, in the marquee of Frederic Rahola Square, concert and dancing by Maravella Orchestra.

    At 7.15pm, in the marquee Plaza Frederic Rahola, proclamation of 2021 Senior Carnival Kings and Queens. Then, the dancing by ball Maravella Orchestra.

    At 8pm, in Sant Pere Square, proclamation of 2021 adults and children's Carnival Kings and Queens. Then, proclamation of the winning groups of Carnival.

    At 10pm, at Sports Pavilion, dancing session by Tramuntana Hits.


  • Monday, february 24th

    1pm: In the Pavilion Sports, popular rice meal. (You have to bring your own plate, glasses and cutlery).*

    6.30pm: From Catalunya Square to la Perola Beach, Funeral Procession for the deceased King Carnival’s death, sardine’s burial and fireworks.

    *Tickets (rice meal): Tickets sale at the Sports Pavilion entrance on the same day. 

    *Merchandising: T-shirts, pins, caps and aprons sale at the tourist office.