GEN / GenWind

 Would you like to enjoy and go for a walk along the Roses bay during days with no wind?
Do you want to move each part of your body by surfing a wave or enjoy the sunrise or sunset in an absolute different mood? You will love relaxing & rowing in a SUP under the moonlight with one of the GEN Roses &GenWindSimmerStyle new season SUP boards from our centers.


Discovering Paddle Surf
Activity duration: 1 hour
Pax.:1 people
Included: SUP, row & life jacket
Description: Discover, learn and feel the sensation of rowing in a paddle, really close to the water.

Les Salines Route
Activity duration: 3 hours
Pax.: 5 people (minimum)
Included: SUP, row, life jacket, guide sandwich & drink.
Description: Get into the deeper calm of Les Salines Natural Park channels, starting from the Santa Margarita Center & rowing in a SUP. A GenWind coach will guide you!!

SUP yoga.
Activity duration: 1 hour
Pax.: 3 people (minimum)
Included: SUP, row, life jacket & guide.
Description: yoga session at sea.

DiscoveringPaddle XXL. 
Activity duration: 1 hour
Pax.: 10 people (maximum)
Included: Paddle XXL, rows & life jackets.
Description: Friends or Families activity. Paddle XXL can be a fun game, a training time or a quiet moment enjoying the sun & the sea calm. It will be fun for sure!