SK Kayak

SK KAYAK is a kayak activity center. Our activities are developed around the Natural Parks of Cap de Creus and Aiguamolls, in our kayak tours can meet these magnificent landscapes and sail with friends and / or relatives in direct contact with nature.

SK KAYAK Products:
• Family Kayak Trips 
• Kayaking, snorkeling
• Ecokayak Cap de Creus and Wetlands
• Introductory courses and advanced training
• Rent a kayak

SK KAYAK offers:
• Excursions in a beautiful lanscape
• Activities suitable for all ages and levels
• Specialized monitors

All our activities have a high educational content, there are accompanied by fauna and flora sheets
and monitors transmit their knowledge in terms of biology, geography and geology to our customers. 
Through the dissemination of this knowledge we help raise awareness about the need to respect and preserve our environment.


Activity: Kayak Snorkel Roses

On Wednesdays in July and August from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Activity that combines the navigation in kayak and the discovery of the fauna and marine flora of the Natural Park of Cape of Creus to the Costa Brava. After warming up and an explanation of the basic techniques of the paddle will begin paddling inside the bay. In a suitable point will disembark to do the session of snorkel and enjoy of a rich marine bottom. A monitor will organize the group and the security in the water. It is a landscape of a big beauty and crystalline waters.

Length: 3H
Price: €40
Dates to suit by minimum groups of 6 persons
Minimum Age: 16 years
Low difficulty.

Activity: Familiar Roses

On Mondays in July and August from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

After having explained the basic technician of paddle in earth and to warm-up, we will go kayaking in the double kayaks. We will paddle along the bay. We will comment the animal species more common on the Costa Brava and we will go out of the bay where we will observe the panoramic on the Cape of Creus and Cap Norfeu. We will take a bath in the crystalline waters of the Natural Park of the Cap of Creus. We will finish the excursion with some stretching activities.

Length: 2H
Price: €25
Boys of 4 to 8 years FREE (occupying space between two squares of adults)
Dates to suit by minimum groups of 6 persons
Minimum Age: 4 years
Low difficulty. Very safe activity and suitable for every body.