The Poseidon diving centre was founded in 1979. It offers diving trips, normally in the area of the Cap de Creus Nature Reserve which has an extraordinarily rich and diverse submarine life.
In winter you may dive with a dry suit and may also purchase or rent top-quality equipment, such as an “Aqualung” for which they are official distributors.

OPENING HOURS: The Poseidon diving centre is open all day from March to January. Our normal opening hours are: 9.30am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm.

MANAGEMENT: The POSEIDON diving centre is run by BORIS MOËRKER.

Poseidon Diving Centre TEAM:

1-BORIS MÖRKER, Instructor: VDST-CMAS***,FEDAS, Generalitat of Catalonia

2-BASTIAN MÖRKER, Instructor: PADI, Medic First Aid, Generalitat of Catalonia


BORIS: Generalitat instructor, CMAS*** instructor. He will initiate you with diving baptisms and can advise you on any diving queries. He has written part of the diving guide for the area entitled “SUB AQUATIC GUIDE TO THE COSTA BRAVA” – published by PLANETA”. Ask him to do one of his drawings in your dive log book...

BASTIAN: Generalitat instructor, PADI instructor. He organises beginners’ and specialist diving courses. His patience and knowledge will help you learn to dive. He will tell you diving stories and anecdotes and other scary stories...