Trinity Castle

16th century
Cultural Asset of National Interest

Would you like the see the impressive sights over one of the most beautiful bays in the world? Visit Trinity Castle which crowns the Poncella point above the lighthouse of Roses. The military construction, which dates from 1544, was erected under the reign of Emperor Charles I, as an essential complement to the Citadel. It has the shape of a five-pointed star, with pronounced angular corners for defence against enemy projectiles. It is built on a grand scale with two-metre thick walls. It had three terraces for batteries of cannons, howitzers and mortars, set at different heights, to defend the port and the coast, It had a garrison of up to two hundred men. The building remains an extraordinary example of coastal artillery fortress.
If you want to know the singular history of this castle, just ask for further information of the several guided tours and family activities suggested.