Airraid shelter

During the Civil War, various anti-aircraft shelters were built in Roses to protect the civilian population from factional attacks by the Francoist navy and the fascist Italian air force. The only refuge that can be visited within the town center is the so-called Plaça de la Pau Refuge. To make the trench, the natural unevenness of the terrain between these streets was taken advantage of. In the past, the refuge had three entrances: the main one is located under the stairs that lead to the Pujada de l'Escorxador, in Plaça de la Pau.Another access is on the corner of Carrer Josep Sabaté and Carrer del Capità Ariza and the third was at the end of the Pujada de l'Escorxador, before reaching Carrer Girona. In addition, on the floor on the corner of Carrer Girona with Josep Sabater there was a respirator.

The Plaça de la Pau refuge, formerly known as the Escorxador, was located in 2002 as a result of urbanization works carried out in the area. The good state of conservation of its corridors and the municipal interest in its enhancement, led to work on its consolidation and recovery, works that culminated in January 2007 with the inauguration of the new space and the adjacent square , which became known as Plaça de la Pau in memory of the existing refuge in its basement and the sculptural ensemble of the artist Ció Abellí installed on its walls.