Going out for a walk next to the sea, enjoying the magnificence and the calm of the bay of Roses, resting at a terrace where you can have a drink and talk in a fresh atmosphere with life music, sitting on the sand of the beach while listening to "havaneres" (melodic songs from Havana) with a good "cremat" (burnt rum) or tasting cocktails from local music bars.

Do not miss:

Saint John’s Eve magic night – The night of 23rd June fire is the protagonist. Bonfires and fireworks dazzle children and adults and they are the starting point of summer.

Roses Local Festival – Concerts, fairground attractions, folklore, contests, fireworks…

Roses Carnival – Carnival parades (groups and floats), costume balls and party, big party on the streets and the locals of town lasting for five days without stop!! 

Blues Festival 

"Sons del Món" Festival