Morisca Tower

(13th -15th Century / 1940 - Late medieval/Francoism)

The top of Puig de la Morisca is a natural lookout point. The great view that it provides, from Norfeu to beyond Montjoi bay, has suited the construction of watchtowers here to defend the area from dangers coming from the sea since ancient times: first a circular tower in late medieval times and, in the 20th century, a small military building with a bunker.

Nothing of the original tower, after which the summit was surely named, remains today. It was probably destroyed during the construction of the current building. However, it is known that, before the Civil War, at the top there were still the remains of a circular wall, a metre and a half tall and 90 centimetres wide which, given its typology, would have been from medieval times.

The end of the Civil War caused Franco to confront the fear of an Allied invasion. This led him to devise a plan to fortify the whole coast and the Pyrenees. The strategic value of this point led to the construction of a small barracks and a bunker, as a support for the coastal battery that he established at Punta Falconera. The military never settled here.