Vineyards have always dominated this land, from the time of the Emporitons, during the ecclesiastical domains of Sant Pere de Rodes or Sant Quirze de Colera, to the cooperative movement after the phylloxera crisis, in the 20th century, and to the most recent start-up of many initiatives full of hope and good craftsmanship.

Around the region wine cellars of all kinds can be found, of different sizes and origins to choose your preference and where you will receive a warm welcome.


The Empordà Denomination of Origin, small but diverse, covers a wide range of wines. It comprises over 40 cellars, the majority in the Alt Empordà and some from the Baix Empordà. The local grape variety is Grenache, called Lledoner here, with several varieties, white, and red grapes and also Carignan.
You will find young wines, fruity rosés, whites with wood, excellent old wines and the emblematic Grenache, a sweet wine made from this variety.

Come and try them and discover the landscape, history and cuisine of the Empordà.