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The Pastisseria Can Cairó is a family run establishment situated in the heart of Roses with more than a hundred years of history.
The quality, the service, the artisan products and the love for a job well done are its trademarks.

Santi Buscató, master pâtissier, explains the origin of their specialties:

Brunyols of Grandfather Calillo
Patisserie comes naturally to the pâtissiers at Can Cairó. As well as ‘Uncle Baldiri’ (the founder of Can Cairó), and the maternal relatives, our paternal grandfather, ‘Grandpa Jaume’, was also a pastry chef by trade. At the age of 12, he left home in Roses to start working in different bakeries in Manresa and Barcelona.
Due to the civil war, he returned to Roses where, for reasons of fate, he devoted himself to other professions focused around the fishing industry.

When I decided to become a pâtissier, my uncle Lluis gave me a notebook of recipes from my grandfather, from which I've taken the recipe for the wonderful brunyols of Can Cairó, or perhaps we should call them "the brunyols of Grandfather Calillo"?


The vagaries of fate brought me together with a Belgian girl who stole my heart. For this reason you’ll find a small sample of Belgian patisserie in our store.
Hence the ‘cairons’, small pieces of delicious Belgian chocolate with:

or praline with wafers

‘Piu Piu’ Madeleines

On 3rd January 2012, our son Santi was born, (Piu Piu, meaning ‘Tweet Tweet’ in Catalan, as his mother calls him) and to celebrate this event we decided to dedicate a specialty to him, the ‘Piu Piu Madeleines’, which are a cupcake with confit oranges, almonds and pine nuts.

Rocks of Montjoi

Montjoi is an idyllic cove in Roses known throughout the world for being the location of the famous ‘el Bulli’, declared best restaurant in the world for a number of years. But it was also where my grandfather was born, in the hamlet of Montjoi de d'alt. In honour of him, Cinto de Montjoi, a strong man and hard as the rocks of the Montjoi cove, not very talkative, rather a man of few words, sharp on the outside but sweet within. So we dedicated this pastry to him which combines hazelnuts, egg whites, sugar and cocoa powder.

May God watch over you, Grandfather