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 One of the most significant crops is olives dating back to the arrival of the Greeks and covers large areas of land, many farmed by families.


The Protected Denomination of Origin Oil of the Empordà, created in 2008, ensures the quality of the olive oil produced in the two Empordà regions and in some municipalities of the Pla de l'Estany and Gironès. It is a certificate promoted by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat of Catalonia and guaranteed by the effort of farmers and cooperatives.


Traces of the first olive trees have been found in the Empordà dating back to the end of the Bronze Age. But olive farming and oil production is attributed to the Greeks who arrived by sea in 6BC and founded the colonies of Empúries and Roses, which quickly became dynamic commercial enclaves. Later the Romans maintained the crops and the Benedictine monks consolidated them, until they reached the current situation, with an area of more than two thousand hectares of olive trees and the production of high quality oil.


The farming area is mainly on poor quality land: the Albera and Rodes mountain ranges, to the north; Montgrí and Les Gavarres, to the south. Mountainous substrates form a typical geology, with granites, chalk and clay. The privileged geographical location of the Empordà, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees, means the climate is a mixture of mild winters, not-too-hot summers and the inevitable tramuntana wind. The combination helps form the unique nature of oil from the Empordà.


The quality and unique nature of oil with the Protected Denomination of Origin Oil of the Empordà are guaranteed by the specific varieties of the area: Argudell, Corivell and Verdal (Llei de Cadaqués); and at the end of the 20th century the variety Arbequina was introduced. Oil from the Empordà is clear, clean and transparent. It is significantly complex, with aromas of fennel, almonds and aniseed. The taste and sensations change depending on the fruit used to produce it. The Argudell and Corivell varieties have a delicate sweet and bitter balance, whilst the Llei de Cadaqués variety gives rise to a fruity, ripe oil with a little spiciness.