MedFoto exposition

Inauguration of the MedFoto exhibition.

International Mediterranean Photography Contest.

From the 1st of July to the 4th of September 2022 in the exhibition hall of the Citadelle of Roses.

MedFoto is also a photographic exhibition that aims to show the sea in a way that is as close to reality as possible. Images of the Mediterranean Sea and its immediate surroundings, obtained with respectful attitudes towards people, animals, plants and the natural environment.

A total of 43 large-format printed photographs that transport the visitor to a space that encourages a responsible and respectful attitude towards the sea, the sports activities that can be carried out, the fauna that can be found and the professional jobs that can be carried out. An exhibition that highlights the fragile relationship that exists between the Mediterranean Sea and people and that reveals the natural and landscape values of the sea.

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